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by Anthony on December 10, 2011 · 0 comments

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Those emo kids are always up to something. In the opening of the retro-themed browser game Random Heroes, the cutscene shows a pair of emo kids tipping over gravestones and accidentally opening a portal to a hostile world. From then on, it’s up to a trucker, police officer and three other characters to stop the invaders in this shooter/platformer.

All the best parts relate to the aesthetics. The 2D pixel graphics are beautiful; with excellent character designs that simply look cool (the gentleman in the top hat is my favorite). The chiptune music is also a strong point, even though it loops far too often in each of the 18 brief stages. Impressively, Random Heroes was created by the one-man studio at Woblyware.

Despite the gorgeous retro package, the hour-long game isn’t compelling. The characters, which all perform identically, only shoot forward in the direction they’re facing. The stages quickly grow repetitive as the same enemies come your way, and nothing – not the enemies or the  jumping – is ever a challenge.

There are a lot of interesting weapons (rocket launchers, machine guns, a laser rifle, etc.). With cash being far too plentiful, it’s easy to get all the best goodies. The levels try to incentivize risk-taking by adding lots of cash at the end of optional paths, but I only took them looking for a challenge that I never found. As a quick diversion, Random Heroes sort of works. Compared to the other games from Woblyware, it’s lacking in charm and gameplay. Check out the studios’ other works on their website instead.

You can play Random Heroes for free here

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