Microsoft Scrapping “Points” Currency System

by Matt on January 24, 2012 · 0 comments

in Console, News

Inside Mobile Apps has revealed Microsoft’s plans to phase out their (in our opinion) cumbersome points system in favor of using real dollars and cents for the Xbox Live Marketplace.

According to the source, plans call for the current points system to be pushed out by the end of 2012, with all existing points being converted into the user’s currency. Currently, customers must purchase points in bulk at specific price points instead of buying digital purchases at face value.

All of us have been in the situation of having to buy a 1600 points card for a 1200 point download, spending $5 more than we need to. We at Try Indie are really happy to see points being retired. They won’t be missed (at least, not as much as an easy-to-browse indie game market is on the 360 is).

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