Germany’s poker boom

Germany’s poker boom has been fuelled by something that is quite natural. Although surprising at first glance, nothing attracts people like success. A German named Pius Heinz won a title that amounted to 8.7 million. As a result the popularity in Germany soared. Everyone like a winner, especially one who is just 22 years old. He is almost like their poker ambassador. With a multitude of online platforms now available online, Germans have access to many state of the art poker rooms. Online poker has seen a massive rise too in the country known for its efficient practices and sites like are booming as a result.

TV is something that attracts folks too, the German champion also remarked that he would really like to see a woman win too so that the popularity is even more wide reaching. A TV audience can be quite thrilling during poker games. If you play online there are different challenges though. You can check out a number of sites that offer gambling options as well as poker. Be sure to check out sites like jackpot lottery online if you are into lotto both domestically and internationally. Main events usually happen in the United States and in Vegas but the popularity is growing and it wouldn’t be surprising to see a poker championship in Germany.