Described as a “Twentieth-Century Cyberpunk”, Quadrilateral Cowboy is a bizarre combination of hacking, stealth and first-person platforming. Armed with my deck (a portable hacking device), and creator Brendon Chung over my shoulder, I climbed headfirst into the first-person hacking simulation.

To this point most games that have featured hacking have represented it largely as a series of abstracted mini-games. In Quadrilateral Cowboy when you hack you’re greeted with a command prompt and little else – in fact, Chung said he created the in-game OS from scratch. Even though I had watched a few people complete the demo prior, the first time the DOS-like window opened on my screen I felt completely and utterly helpless. At this point Chung leaned in and alerted me that I wanted to type DIR (for directory) to find out what programs were installed on my deck. Amongst the list was a program called Telnet, which Brendon said I might want to open up.

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Deals: Gog invaded by indies

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This weekend over at, the Indies Invade! promotion is offering half a dozen indie titles for 50%. Included in the promotion are Tiny and Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers, Legend of Grimrock, Darwinia, SpaceChem, Torchlight and the Geneforge 1-5 bundle. Unlike Steam deals, Gog doesn’t cut you an additional discount for buying the group of titles together, but you’re still saving over $37 on the lot of them.

As with all Gog titles, each title is 100% DRM free and comes with a nice dose of bonus content, including soundtracks, wallpapers and even a few behind-the-scenes featurettes. Indies Invade! runs through Monday.


Announced about a month ago, Edmund McMillen will unleash ‘The Basement Collection’ August 31st on Steam. The collection consists of 9 games (8 from McMillen’s past) and a veritable ton of special features, all for the dirt cheap price of $4. Among the special features, McMillen is including 15 minutes of unused stock footage from Indie Game: The Movie, over 30 pages of development documents and sketches, 6 playable prototype builds and over 40 minutes of developer commentary.

For long time fans of McMillen’s work, The Basement Collection represents a huge cross-section of the developer’s work, including Time Fcuk, Aether, Spewer, Grey Matter, Triachnid, Meat Boy, Coil, and two mystery games. It’s also a great way for new fans (such as myself) to see his earlier projects, and see how McMillen’s work has evolved leading up to his better known work, Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac.

For those interested, Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes are taking a final round of Grey Matter/Team Meat questions to be answered and included in the developer commentary of The Basement Collection. Head over to McMillen’s Formspring to ask the duo a question.

Via: Joystiq
Source: Edmund McMillen

With a week left to go, The Humble Android Bundle 3 has added four additional titles for the homestretch. In addition to unlocking Spirits, if buyers beat the current minimum of $6.24, they will also get World of Goo, Osmos, Anomaly: Warzone Earth and EDGE. If you’ve already purchased the Android Bundle 3, fear not, the new games will be added to your download list, and theoretically, the Humble Bundle has already let you know personally.

In addition to nine games, the soundtracks of the initial lineup are included in both FLAC and MP3 formats. And every game is fully compatible with PC, Mac and Linux, meaning you don’t even need an Android device to partake.

Source: The Humble Bundle

Though announced a couple of weeks ago, the contents of the second iteration of The Indie Megabooth remained a mystery; we knew there would be nearly 30 developers and over 30 titles, but we didn’t have any of the specifics. And now we do.

PAX Prime’s booth will feature 30 developers and 32 titles, all nestled into the large alcove at the back of the main exhibition hall (Level 4), immediately behind the PAX 10. Recent releases such as 24 Caret Games’ Retro/Grade and Strange Loop Games’ Vessel will be showcased alongside forthcoming titles, such as Monaco and Gaucamelee, from Pocketwatch Games and DrinkBox Studios, respectively.

Beyond the four titles mentioned, there will be dozens of great, unique games on display at The Indie Megabooth, and every station will be manned by the people who made them. Make sure you carve out some of your PAX for the little guys with the big booth. And if you can’t, I’ll report back on as many of them as I can get my hands on (in one afternoon).

For the full rundown of developers and titles, The Indie Megabooth trailer and a handy map, cruise over to their revamped site.

Via: Joystiq
Source: Indie Megabooth


At the behest of Valve, The Behemoth made their first trans-Atlantic venture to Cologne, Germany for Gamescom. Judging by the header, I think you’ve gathered what they showed.

At long last, Castle Crashers will finally make its way to the PC via Steam. So far most of the confirmed features mirror those found on the previously released Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network variants. Castle Crashers will support Steam cloud, gamepad (unsurprisingly), and ship with online co-op – a sticking point for many players concerning the previous versions.

No release date was given, but considering it’s The Behemoth, I wouldn’t assume it to be immediate. The developer will be showing off Castle Crashers PC in the US later this month at PAX Prime 2012, along with their forthcoming title, BattleBlock Theater

Source: The Behemoth

The team behind Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game and WiZorb is back with a Kickstarter for their brand new title, Mercenary Kings. The team is looking for $75,000 to fund the development of the game, but mentions that if the Kickstarter is unsuccessful they still may be able to bring the game to market, albeit after securing a publisher. Should they surpass their initial goal, which seems likely considering the pedigree of the team and the fact they’ve already raised over $30k in 2 days, Tribute has a long list of stretch goals going all the way to $200,000, where they’ll include 4 player online c-op.

But, before we get too far ahead of ourselves, you might want to know what this title’s all about. Bearing a passing resemblance to Metal Slug, Mercenary Kings is a sidescrolling cooperative shooter for up to 4 players. What makes it different than other 2D run ‘n gunners is its reliance on weapon crafting. As you beat missions and mow down baddies you’ll collect materials and parts which can be used to create weapons, of which there will be 20-30 primary weapon sets at the $75k goal, with additional sets added at each subsequent stretch goal.

Rewards for backing Mercenary Kings run the range of pedestrian to absurd, starting with the predictable digital copy and ending with your chance to be animated by Paul Robertson as an in-game hostage or even design your own gun. I don’t know about you, but saving those bearded heart patterned boxer-dudes in Metal Slug was always the most satisfying part. Now, if only I could scrounge up a spare fifteen hundred bucks…

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