With a week left to go, The Humble Android Bundle 3 has added four additional titles for the homestretch. In addition to unlocking Spirits, if buyers beat the current minimum of $6.24, they will also get World of Goo, Osmos, Anomaly: Warzone Earth and EDGE. If you’ve already purchased the Android Bundle 3, fear not, the new games will be added to your download list, and theoretically, the Humble Bundle has already let you know personally.

In addition to nine games, the soundtracks of the initial lineup are included in both FLAC and MP3 formats. And every game is fully compatible with PC, Mac and Linux, meaning you don’t even need an Android device to partake.

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Though announced a couple of weeks ago, the contents of the second iteration of The Indie Megabooth remained a mystery; we knew there would be nearly 30 developers and over 30 titles, but we didn’t have any of the specifics. And now we do.

PAX Prime’s booth will feature 30 developers and 32 titles, all nestled into the large alcove at the back of the main exhibition hall (Level 4), immediately behind the PAX 10. Recent releases such as 24 Caret Games’ Retro/Grade and Strange Loop Games’ Vessel will be showcased alongside forthcoming titles, such as Monaco and Gaucamelee, from Pocketwatch Games and DrinkBox Studios, respectively.

Beyond the four titles mentioned, there will be dozens of great, unique games on display at The Indie Megabooth, and every station will be manned by the people who made them. Make sure you carve out some of your PAX for the little guys with the big booth. And if you can’t, I’ll report back on as many of them as I can get my hands on (in one afternoon).

For the full rundown of developers and titles, The Indie Megabooth trailer and a handy map, cruise over to their revamped site.

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Following up their hit tower-offense (think tower-defense only you control the waves) title, Anomaly: Warzone Earth, 11-Bit Studios unveiled at Gamescom their mobile sequel Anomaly: Korea, coming soon to iOS and Android. The sequel promises to continue the story of the “Commander”, picking up a few months following Warzone Earth‘s conclusion in Tokyo. 11-Bit aims to raise the stakes by adding the sorts of things you’d expect from a sequel: more units, more powers, more everything.

No release date was set for Anomaly: Korea, which means you all have plenty of time to catch up on the saga – I can’t recommend Warzone Earth enough.

Source: 11-Bit Studios

At PAX East back in April, 17 developers banded together to create the Indie Megabooth. As recent PAXs have become more and more dominated by the huge booths of the various AAA publishers, the Indie Megabooth was the perfect idea to draw attention back to the smaller developers not represented within The PAX 10. Given the success of the Eastern variant, the Indie Megabooth is revving up for its triumphant return at PAX Prime, this time representing 29 developers and over 30 titles across a variety of platforms.

At this point the lineup of games and developers is still a mystery, but it shouldn’t surprise anyone to see a few of the same faces represented back in April, as well as some of the prominent indies from the Seattle area. For a refresher on the previous booth, check out our PAX East coverage from earlier in the year.

As we get closer to PAX Prime we’ll have more on the Indie Megabooth, the PAX 10, as well as any other indies we come across.

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Following the exploits of Kureijita and Kaminoha, The Legend of Fat Ninja hopes to be indie developer Zephyr Games‘ first foray into self-published gaming. However, like many other developers these days, the studio’s looking for the help of the community to make their first wholly independent game the experience they hope it to be. With 36 hours to go, The Legend of Fat Ninja still has a sizable gap (a bit over $3000) to go to reach its $14,500 goal.

If Zephyr Games is able to reach their goal, the team will flesh out game with additional levels and animations, as well as improve the overall audio quality of the title and add support for Retina-displays, as well as bring the iOS title to Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

For the full rundown of The Legend of Fat Ninja fling yourself over to its Kickstarter page. Along with the requisite video and breakdown, take a look at all the phat Fat Ninja rewards Zephyr has cooked up, starting with a copy of the game for $3.

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For the next week, “Because We May” brings dozens of indie developers together to celebrate the online stores that let them dictate their own pricing by, wait for it, dictating their own prices. Scores of titles have been discounted, from indie classics such as World of Goo or Braid, to newer titles like Vessel. And perhaps the best part, as the celebration ranges across many online storefronts, you have a choice where you’d like to make your purchase, which include the App Stores, Steam, Google Play, smaller outlets like Desura and Indievania, or in many cases, direct from the developers themselves.

For Because We May’s full list of titles and stores participating, cruise over to their handy website. The promotion runs from May 24th – June 1st.

Of note, if you’re an indie dev and you want in on the action, it isn’t too late to join up.

Source: Because We May
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In the latest bit of Kickstarter news, indie start up Camouflaj is seeking $500, 000 to make what the developers are calling a ‘serious game’ for iOS. Founded by industry veteran Ryan Payton (assistant producer Metal Gear Solid 4), Camouflaj’s aim is to create games with a clear message and meaning. Republique, the studio’s first project, manifested from Payton’s desire to see hardcore software on iOS that he himself as a gamer would be interested in playing, but fully utilize the device for its strengths (ie. no virtual sticks).

Republique takes place in a nameless totalitarian state. Players receive a phone call from the main character, Hope, who’s trying to escape and you’re the only person she’s able to reach. Through indirect control, players guide Hope through static environments and around patrols. Cameras and computers can be hacked, providing useful intel to guide Hope through areas undetected; survival and stealth combine for the bulk of Republique’s reported 4-6hr target length.

But, all of that is moot, unless Camouflaj meets their funding quota, because the game will not be finished. If you’d like to see more hardcore games on the iOS, Republique might be a worthy investment.

Source: Kickstarter