Following up their hit tower-offense (think tower-defense only you control the waves) title, Anomaly: Warzone Earth, 11-Bit Studios unveiled at Gamescom their mobile sequel Anomaly: Korea, coming soon to iOS and Android. The sequel promises to continue the story of the “Commander”, picking up a few months following Warzone Earth‘s conclusion in Tokyo. 11-Bit aims to raise the stakes by adding the sorts of things you’d expect from a sequel: more units, more powers, more everything.

No release date was set for Anomaly: Korea, which means you all have plenty of time to catch up on the saga – I can’t recommend Warzone Earth enough.

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At the behest of Valve, The Behemoth made their first trans-Atlantic venture to Cologne, Germany for Gamescom. Judging by the header, I think you’ve gathered what they showed.

At long last, Castle Crashers will finally make its way to the PC via Steam. So far most of the confirmed features mirror those found on the previously released Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network variants. Castle Crashers will support Steam cloud, gamepad (unsurprisingly), and ship with online co-op – a sticking point for many players concerning the previous versions.

No release date was given, but considering it’s The Behemoth, I wouldn’t assume it to be immediate. The developer will be showing off Castle Crashers PC in the US later this month at PAX Prime 2012, along with their forthcoming title, BattleBlock Theater

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When you’re first dropped into Wizorb it’s apparent that you’re too late. Whatever the mysterious evil was that beeseched the Kingdom of Gorudo, it’s clear that it’s already won. Tarot Village is in pieces, the beleaguered villages stand in front of what used to be their homes and lives, and all they ask for is a little help, and any gold you might be able to spare.

Wizorb is a traditional brick breaker in every sense of the word. Hidden under its clever RPG trappings are the same mechanics and power-ups you’ve seen and used in Arkanoid or Breakout. But, disguised as a fantasy title, the entire experience feels fresh, but still warmly familiar. Stages are littered with doors and switches, unveiling bonus areas and item shops, which are stocked with the usual assortment of brick breaking goods (wider paddles, sticky paddles, the multi-ball).

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The team behind Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game and WiZorb is back with a Kickstarter for their brand new title, Mercenary Kings. The team is looking for $75,000 to fund the development of the game, but mentions that if the Kickstarter is unsuccessful they still may be able to bring the game to market, albeit after securing a publisher. Should they surpass their initial goal, which seems likely considering the pedigree of the team and the fact they’ve already raised over $30k in 2 days, Tribute has a long list of stretch goals going all the way to $200,000, where they’ll include 4 player online c-op.

But, before we get too far ahead of ourselves, you might want to know what this title’s all about. Bearing a passing resemblance to Metal Slug, Mercenary Kings is a sidescrolling cooperative shooter for up to 4 players. What makes it different than other 2D run ‘n gunners is its reliance on weapon crafting. As you beat missions and mow down baddies you’ll collect materials and parts which can be used to create weapons, of which there will be 20-30 primary weapon sets at the $75k goal, with additional sets added at each subsequent stretch goal.

Rewards for backing Mercenary Kings run the range of pedestrian to absurd, starting with the predictable digital copy and ending with your chance to be animated by Paul Robertson as an in-game hostage or even design your own gun. I don’t know about you, but saving those bearded heart patterned boxer-dudes in Metal Slug was always the most satisfying part. Now, if only I could scrounge up a spare fifteen hundred bucks…

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The Humble Bundle returns today with the aptly named Humble Bundle for Android 3. And as you might guess, this bundle’s filled with a quartet of Android titles, a few of which are making their initial 1.0 version releases on the platform. As with every Humble Bundle it’s pay what you want, but beating the average (sitting at $6.01 presently) will unlock a bonus title, in this case the platformer Spirits.

Rounding out the collection is the classic mobile tower-defense title Fieldrunners, retro rhythmer BIT.TRIP BEAT, and a pair of tech inspired puzzlers, SpaceChem and Uplink. In addition to getting the Android versions (SpaceChem and Uplink require Android tablets) of each of these titles, you won’t be missing out if you’re a desktop gamer, as every purchase provides access to the PC, Mac and Linux variants. And, if that isn’t enough, the Humble Bundle is happy to toss in the soundtracks of all titles involved.

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Do gamers fish? Well, I don’t necessarily have the answer for that (I went twice during the previous millenium), but the folks over at Indie Royale seem to think so. As the summer season winds down, Indie Royale is offering the Gone Fishin’ bundle for the next week. As with previous bundles, Gone Fishin’ is pay what you want, just as long as it’s above the current minimum. If you pay more than $8, you’ll unlock the MP3 album Pocustone, by the Czech artist Floex.

As for the games themselves, the bundle consists of the space combat game SOL: Exodus, the twin-stick zombie slaying sequel All Zombies Must Die!, the geometric tower-defense game Cubemen, the former iOS hit Squids, as well as both Platformance titles, Castle Pain and Temple Death – both of which used to be exclusive to Xbox Live Indies.

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It’s common knowledge that the Xbox Live Indie Game channel hasn’t got the amount of exposure it sometimes deserves. The service isn’t promoted all that well on the Xbox’s dashboard and most games come and go with little to fanfare. Two years ago a bunch of XBLIG developers banded together to not only spread the word about their own games, but remind the larger community that the service exists and there are some great games mixed in with the abundance of pointless avatar games, shovelware and copy cats.

While not quite making their Summer window this year, the Indie Games Uprising III is go for September, running from Monday September 10th to Friday September 20th. For each and every weekday during the period a new Uprising title will be released. The puzzle heavy lineup includes Diehard Dungeon, City Tuesday, Gateways, pixel, Entropy, Smooth Operators: Call Center Chaos, Xenominer, Sententia and qrth-phyl.  To see the games in action be sure to check out the new launch trailer.

Look for more coverage of the Indie Uprising as we get closer to its September start date.

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